What Programs Does UW Offer?

What majors is UW known for?

Academic Life at University of Washington The most popular majors at University of Washington include: Social Sciences; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Engineering; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; and Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services..

How many degrees does UW offer?

With over 180 majors at the UW, many paths can lead from a single interest.

Does UW have a good art program?

Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs offer students practical, conceptual, and critical training in the visual arts in the context of a world-renowned public research 1 university. … We also offer Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees in Painting + Drawing, Photo/Media, or 3D4M: ceramics + glass + sculpture.

What is the #1 party school in the US?

SYRACUSE, NY — Syracuse University ranks as the number 1 party school in the United States, according to Princeton Review’s annual college rankings list.

How prestigious is UW?

28 in the world, according to the Times Higher Education 2018 World Reputation Rankings, released Wednesday. Last year, the UW ranked No. 35. In both rankings, the UW trailed only UC Berkeley, UCLA and the University of Michigan among U.S. public universities.

Can I double major at UW?

You may graduate with a double major or double degree in which you complete Departmental Honors requirements for both or just one of your majors. The major in which you do Departmental Honors is identified on your transcript at graduation.

Can you switch from BA to BS?

In some cases, however, it is possible to choose between a BA degree and BS degree within the same academic subject. In such cases, carefully evaluate the curriculum requirements and decide which course of study better suits your academic goals or interests.

Is UW a 4 year college?

UW Two-Year Colleges Are Now Part Of Four-Year Universities.

Does UW admit by major?

If you indicate a program that has a direct to major or direct to college pathway as your first-choice major, you will be automatically considered for that program. Second-choice majors are not considered for direct to major programs….Pre-major.Requested majorMajor given in offer letterEconomicsPre-social science83 more rows

What GPA do you need to transfer to UW?

What are the University of Washington-Seattle Campus transfer GPA requirements? UW-Seattle requires a minimum college GPA of 2.0 – this is on a 4.33 point scale. In addition, UW-Seattle requires a minimum high school GPA of 2.0.

What grades do you need to get into UW?

Admitted class profile, middle 50%All admitsNonresidentsHigh school GPA3.72–3.953.75-3.92ACT27–3330-34SAT (ERW+M)1240–14401370-1500SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing600–700650-7301 more row

Is it easy to get into UW?

With a freshman admittance rate of 48%, the University of Washington is considered very competitive. However, students whose grades or test scores are slightly below average shouldn’t give up hope just yet.