Quick Answer: What Is The Advantage Of Friend Function In C++?

Can not be a friend in C++?

A friend of a class X is a function or class that is not a member of X , but is granted the same access to X as the members of X .

Functions declared with the friend specifier in a class member list are called friend functions of that class.

You can declare an entire class as a friend.


Which statement is appropriate for a friend function?

Pick the correct statement. Explanation: Friend functions are not in the scope of a class and hence cannot be called through a class object. A friend function can access all types of members of the class. They can be invoked as a normal function.

What is the purpose of friend function?

In object-oriented programming, a friend function, that is a “friend” of a given class, is a function that is given the same access as methods to private and protected data. A friend function is declared by the class that is granting access, so friend functions are part of the class interface, like methods.

Can a friend function be virtual?

Virtual functions cannot be static and also cannot be a friend function of another class. Virtual functions should be accessed using pointer or reference of base class type to achieve run time polymorphism. The prototype of virtual functions should be same in base as well as derived class.

Which rule will not affect the friend function?

In principle, private and protected members of a class cannot be accessed from outside the same class in which they are declared. However, this rule does not affect friends.

Which rule will not affect the friend function 10 points?

Which rule will not affect the friend function? Explanation: Friend is used to access private and protected members of a class from outside the same class. 2. Which keyword is used to declare the friend function?

What is the difference between friend class and friend function?

A friend function is used for accessing the non public member of a class. A class can allow non-member function and other classes to access its own private data by making them friend A Friend class has full access of private data members of another class without being member of that class.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of friend function in C++?

Thus the ability to choose between member functions ( x.f() ) and friend functions ( f(x) ) allows a designer to select the syntax that is deemed most readable, which lowers maintenance costs. The major disadvantage of friend functions is that they require an extra line of code when you want dynamic binding.

Is it necessary to pass argument in a friend function?

It is possible, to have a friend function with no arguments. It Seldom used. Of course it is possible.

What are the characteristics of friend function in C++?

Characteristics of a Friend function:The function is not in the scope of the class to which it has been declared as a friend.It cannot be called using the object as it is not in the scope of that class.It can be invoked like a normal function without using the object.More items…

What are the merits and demerits of using friend function?

It acts as the bridge between two classes by operating on their private data’s.It is able to access members without need of inheriting the class.It can be used to increase the versatility of overloading operator.It provides functions that need data which isn’t normally used by the class.More items…

Why do we need the friend class and function?

A friend class is a class that can access the private and protected members of a class in which it is declared as friend. This is needed when we want to allow a particular class to access the private and protected members of a class.