Quick Answer: How Many Days In Cairo Is Enough?

Is Cairo a safe place to visit?

Security reform has made airport security much safer.

And with a military presence throughout, the threat of terrorism is much lower than it was before.

The short answer: Yes, it is safe to travel to Cairo.

In fact, there may not be a better time to travel to Cairo..

How much is it to visit the pyramids?

over a year ago. It’s 80 egyptian pounds for the entrance fee. 200 egyptian pounds if you want to go inside the great pyramid and additional fees for going inside the other pyramids.

What should I avoid in Egypt?

What NOT to do in EgyptDon’t… ride a camel at the Pyramids. … Don’t… take a guided tour of the West Bank of Luxor. … Don’t… climb Mount Sinai for sunrise. … Don’t… visit Philae Temple by day. … Don’t… tell your cab driver you’re an atheist. … Don’t… smoke Cleopatra cigarettes. … Don’t… try molokhiya (Jew’s mallow) … Don’t…

How long do I need in Egypt?

If you are looking to enjoy the main highlights of Egypt, seven days will be enough. One week is the perfect amount of time for touring Egypt. This allows you to see places like Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel, Luxor while cruising along the Nile River.

How can I spend 3 days in Cairo?

ItineraryDay 1. Sakkara Pyramid Complex (2.5 hours) Giza Pyramids (3 hours) The Pharaonic Village (3 hours + 1 hour for lunch)Day 2. The Citadel & Mohamed Ali Mosque (3 hours) Moez St + Khan Khalili & Lunch (5 hours)Day 3. Breakfast at Felfela cafe. Egyptian Antiquity Museum (2.5 hours) Coptic Cairo (3 to 4 hours) – Free activity.

How much does it cost to travel to Cairo?

A good price is $60 per person for this experience. Finally, you will need to consider any tours that you want to do in Cairo. The great pyramids and Cairo Museum are a popular combination for a day trip and will cost about $40 per person.

How do you dress in Egypt?

Adopting the conservative dress code will hopefully deflect unwanted attention from the Egyptian men, which for most women is desirable. Basic clothes could include loose linen/cotton trousers or a below knee skirt and sleeved blouse. (If you’re planning to ride a camel, a skirt is not a good idea.)

Is downtown Cairo safe?

Despite a rise in petty crime following the 2011 revolution, Cairo is still a pretty safe city, with crime rates likely much lower than where you’re visiting from. For female visitors, sexual harassment continues to be a problem.

Do and don’ts in Egypt?

Do respect the monuments archaeological sites are human heritage don’t touch scratch or sit on it. Do dress correctly whilst there is no specific dress code in the cities, women will feel more comfortable if they do not wear shorts or have their shoulders uncovered.

What is the best month to go to Egypt?

Egypt is best visited in the fall (Sept-Nov) and spring (Feb-Apr). The weather is relatively chilly December through January, except in the south, where the winter is very pleasant. The summer is the only time to be avoided for climatic reasons.

Is 2 days in Cairo enough?

2 days in Cairo gives you enough time to explore the city without feeling rushed. You won’t go on any day trips in this itinerary (see itinerary #2) so this is the perfect itinerary if you want to explore Cairo and Giza at a leisurely pace without organizing a day trip.

What can you see in Egypt in 3 days?

3 days is the perfect amount of time to see the city of Cairo….Bent Pyramid. Surprisingly even more impressive with its small crowds and climb inside.Pyramids of Giza. … Egyptian Breakfast. … Egyptian Museum. … Khan el-Khalili.