Are ODST Better Than Spartans?

Are ODST Marines?

The ODSTs are a subdivision of the UNSC Marine Corps.

As stated above, they draw recruits from other branches, but the ODSTs are a subdivision of the Marines.

And in current lore, the Spartans now have their own separate branch within the UNSC, so they aren’t beholden to the Marines, Navy, Army, or anyone else..

What does ODST stand for?

Orbital Drop Shock TroopersThe fourth installment in the Halo franchise, it was released on the Xbox 360 in September 2009. Players assume the roles of United Nations Space Command soldiers, known as “Orbital Drop Shock Troopers” or ODSTs, during and after the events of Halo 2.

How strong are spartan 2s?

The SPARTAN-IIs are capable of lifting three times their body weight, which is double the normal weight of an average human due to the ceramic bone augmentations, in addition to their increased muscle density.

Are ODST Spartans?

At this point however most ODSTs are Spartans. … ODSTs chose to become soldiers, the BEST soldiers, they work extremely hard to reach their objectives, ’cause of no augmentations or fancy armors. ODSTs and Spartans have basically the same types of mission, both are special forces.

Are Spartan II better than Spartan IV?

Spartan IIs win outright as they had both the protein complex infusions (intramuscular) as well as the catalytic thyroid implant whereas Spartan IVs only benefited from a protein coating on their muscle fibers (intermuscular). Look at the difference in mass of a Spartan II and a Spartan IV.

Do Spartans sleep?

Spartan IVs are pretty much just enhanced humans, they still need and want to do all the normal things they normally did. So they eat, drink, sleep, go the bathroom, have sex etc. They are still human, just enhanced. … All Spartans have a few simular traits, like they can go longer without sleep and require less of it.

How much can a Spartan 4 lift?

-The SPARTAN-IIs are capable of lifting three times their body weight, which is double the normal weight of an average human due to the ceramic bone augmentations, in addition to their increased muscle density.

How many Spartan 4s are there?

Except there were more spartan 3’s then there are spartan 4’s. Maybe all-in-all, but not at any one time. There were only ever roughly 300 operational Spartan IIIs at any one given time.

How tall was a Spartan?

Depending on the type of Spartan the height of a Spartan (fully armoured) is 7 feet tall (spartan 3) 8 feet tall (spartan 2) and 6 to 7 feet tall (spartan 4), and have a reinforced endoskeleton.

Is Master Chief a virgin?

Master Chief is, at heart, an avatar for you, the gamer. So yeah, he’s a virgin that plays Halo all day.

How many Spartan 3s are left?

About 318 Spartan IIIs from Gamma company are still alive afaik. ONI keeps them a secret and hasn’t assigned the majority of them to any missions due to their “berserker” augmentation.

How tall are Spartan 4s?

Spartan IV’s are 6’8-7 feet tall in Armor, Palmer herself is 6’5 without Armor, and yes the Helmet itself makes a good bit of difference as well.

Who Spartan 1337?

SPARTAN-1337 is a SPARTAN-II Commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. He is the main character of Odd One Out, the non-canon and satirical interpretation of the Halo universe produced by Toei Animation for Halo Legends.

How much can a Spartan 3 Lift?

ODST – Iron Quote: Spartans in general are very powerful beings, even the Spartan III were quite powerful but not quite at the level of the II’s, no one is. The accurate statement is John is 6 ft 10 inches tall, and weighs 290 lbs. without armor, and can lift over 3 times his body weight like mentioned.

Are ODST better than Marines?

In Halo 3? They seem as effective as the marines, and maybe a little tougher. They certainly stand up and fire and take hits a lot more than the marines usually will.

Who is the most powerful Spartan?

SamuelSamuel was considered to be the strongest of the first class of Spartan II’s. According to John-117, he had the best eyes and ears of all of his subordinates. He is also said to be one head taller than John-117, making him one of the larger Spartans, and was the fastest to recover from the augmentation.

How many Spartan 2s are left?

Sixteen Spartan-IIs are known to have survived the Covenant War: John-117, Frederic-104, Kelly-087, Linda-058, Naomi-010, Jai-006, Adriana-111, Michael-120, Leon-011, Robert-025, August-099, Randall-037, Otto-031, Victor-101, Margaret-053, and Roma-143; the last five have since been killed.

Are ODST Special Forces?

The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers are one of many Special Operations Forces in the UNSC Defense Force. The ODSTs are under the exclusive operational authority of the Naval Special Warfare Command/Naval Special Weapons.