Innovation security communication systems from our own factories!



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  1. anti following sunglasses
    Monitor things and people behind you from mirrors on anti following sunglasses. Learn More
  2. rear view sunglass
    Spy-worth rear view sunglasses allows you look over your shoulder. Applicable for man and woman. Learn More
  3. peephole reverse viewer with door cat eye

    Peephole Reverse Viewer

    Regular Price: $13.15

    Special Price: $7.90

    Peephole reverse viewer reverse cat eye viewer. Its great for security and surveillance purposes. Learn More
  4. dhl remoteness area service

    DHL Remoteness Area Service


    extra DHL remoteness area service Learn More
  5. chromed stand of microscope 200x zoom
    USB digital microscope allows you to watch magnified articles objects with 200x zoom. You can take record of 2mp photos and avi videos by digital microscope. Learn More
  6. 4key wireless vibration reminder
    4 channel reminder with 4pcs vibrators. Works in 100 meters from transmitter to receiver on 315Mhz frequency. Great choice for wireless covert communication applications. Learn More
  7. EasyCap Video and Audio Capture Adaptor Jacks
    [SKU: GM310] Capture and edit high quality video and audio files without sound card and without external power source. Supports high resolution NTSC and PAL video formats. Learn More
  8. 12v 2a powerful 4000mah battery pack

    12V 2A 4000mah Lithium Battery Pack

    Regular Price: $37.90

    Special Price: $35.30

    Large capacity battery pack offers 12V power and 4000mah capacity. Is able to use on all kinds of electronic devices which needs less than 2A and 12V power. Buildin over charge/discharge protection functions. Learn More
  9. 12dB Yagi Antenna 1.2GHz SMA Male

    12dB Yagi Antenna for 1.2GHz AV Transceiver

    Regular Price: $18.30

    Special Price: $15.90

    High gain 12dB. 10 unit elements. 1.2GHz frequency. Great choice for 1.2GHz AV transceivers. Learn More
  10. Remote Control Repeater
    Wireless RC repeater. Extend transmit distance of remote control. Easy installation. No need to change anything in remote control. Store 100 remote control signals. Output power 500mW. Extend distance 50 meters. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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