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Queue Wireless Calling System/Waiter Call SKU: TE66

999 different codes. It includes 1 keypad call button and 16 receiver in one set.
Queue wireless calling system,wireless calling system , wireless call button,wireless waiter call.

Fashionable design/RF wireless technology

Vibration/Buzzer prompt optional

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Product Description

In some place, the store or shop provide self-service. Each customer gets a number and find a place to wait. When it is his turn, the server will call his number, but don't know where he is. Maybe the customer cannot hear the call while he is doing something else. Is there anything can help them?

Of course, they can use the wireless calling system.

Such calling system is opposite to normal. The server press the transmitter button, but each customer gets a receiver (of couse, mini one). Then no need long queue.

In such occasion, there is a 0~9 keyboard transmitter, press 3 number of them, you can get from 001 to 999 different numbers. Like press 158, you can call the number 158 customer. The customer gets a mini receiver which labeled 158. When there is a call. The receiver will vibrate, he will go to service center and give back the number receiver.

Product Specification

Color Silver or Black
Product Dimension / Weight 157*234*36mm
Package Size / Weight 260*300*60mm
Brand RF-Master
Warranty 1 year
Launched Date Aug 24, 2015

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