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Apply coupon code for your bulk orders

Coupon code is a code consisting of letters or numbers used to identify an offer associated with a coupon. If you have order value of more than USD500 (excluding shipping cost), you can contact our sales team and apply the coupon code. SafestMonster release different discounts for different memberships and for different order values.


apply coupon


After get the coupon code, you can go to checkout page then fill it in "discount codes" area and click "apply coupon" button. The shopping cart will be refreshed and show total discount price and total amount need to pay. The order confirmation email and invoice will also include discount price on a single item. You can see exact discount prices on single item and on total amount. Most of the coupon code does not effect on shipping costs.


applied coupon

discount amount of coupon


If coupon code is invalid the top of shopping cart page will show error message.


invalid coupon


Different coupon code has different valid period and usage times. Please reapply coupon code if you have new bulk order. Each shopping cart accept only one coupon code. If you have any question, please submit your ticket in Help Desk section or Contacts page.