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An Introduction to Bluetooth

Bluetooth a standard of short-range, wireless and digital communication. It has been named after the 10th Century Danish King Harold Bluetooth. Bluetooth-compatible devices can carry either audio information or data from one device to another in a rapidly growing community of electronic gadgets, including computers and their peripherals, telephones, entertainment systems, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and more. In achieving connectivity across devices, Bluetooth also eliminates the problems of routing and sorting the many wires and cables, connectors, and plugs that would otherwise be needed to link the devices.






Bluetooth provides agreement across devices at the physical level by using radio-frequency transmission in the 2.4GHz band. The exact frequency range of Bluetooth is 2402 to 2480MHz. It also provides agreement on communication protocols: in order to communicate accurately, devices must agree on the scheduling and packaging of bits of data so that they represent the same thing at both ends of the line.


Bluetooth devices send data and voice in a clean, clear, digital format. Since it is digital, the audio signal is not subject to the same sources of signal degradation that sometimes compromise the quality of analog (FM, AM, or inductive) transmissions. In an analog signal path, electrical noise from a variety of sources is amplified along with the signal. In contrast, a digital Bluetooth signal is extracted from the noise; it alone is transmitted and amplified, while noise that impinges on it along its path is rejected.


The low-power design of Bluetooth transmission systems has two advantages. First, it minimizes battery consumption for portable devices. Second, it places an intentional limit on the range of transmission, the most common version has a range of 10 meters, which helps to avoid interference among nearby devices. At the same time, walls and other obstacles have a negligible effect on Bluetooth transmission.


There are some new duplex walkie-talkie radio is use Bluetooth technology could get 500 meters transmission range in open space.


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