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Infrared TV Wireless Hearing Aid
  • Infrared TV Wireless Hearing Aid Transmitter Base
  • Infrared TV Wireless Hearing Aid Transmitter
  • Infrared TV Wireless Hearing Aid - Transmitter
  • Infrared TV Wireless Hearing Aid - Receiver

Infrared TV Wireless Hearing Aid SKU: BL8008

[SKU: BL8008] Infrared TV Wirless Hearing Aid helps you to protect your hearing ability and enjoy TV programs remotely without disturbing others. With advanced IR and noise reduction technology, it provide clear, stable voice.

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Product Description

Infrared TV Wireless Hearing Aid is specially designed for hearing disable people to listen to TV and other audio devices. Normal wireless headphones make the hearing ability worse and produce interference noise. IR technology avoids interference of RF signals and make stable purer sound. Infrared hearing aid can solve this problem.

Besides, it is also a perfect hearing aid and a wired hearing improving headphone. You can connect it with normal telephone, mobile phone, listening to music, listening to radio etc.

Features of Infrared TV Wireless Hearing Aid:
Stable and clear sound and protect hearing ability
High S/N and special noise reduction circuit
Transmitter is compatible with several receivers at the same time
Balance control function (adjust left/right volume)
Tone control (find your suitable sound frequency)

Applications of Infrared TV Wireless Hearing Aid:
1) People who wish to listen to TV program clearly without disturbing others;
2) Avoid listening ability becoming worse;
3) Use as a normal hearing aid;

How to use Infrared TV wireless hearing aid?

1) Firstly connect the power adapter to the socket and transmitter's power jack.

2) Then connect the audio cable (3.5mm plug) to transmitter's audio-in jack,connect other Lotiform plugs to AUDIO OUT jack of TV, DVD, STB,etc, if it is computer, you need to connect lotiform plugs with Audio cable 2, then connect the 3.5mm plug of to earphone jack of computer. If the product is used with STB, DVD, etc, please prior to connect with STB, DVD, and don't connect to TV set directly. (Because the manufacturers of TV are different, maybe there isn't audio out signal for some TVs when connect to them directly.)

3) After make sure the transmitter and audio cables are connected well,switch on the transmitter, the power indicator will be on, this means transmitter is working. Face the transmitter's IR window to the receiving area. Adjust the audio source in working status and turn up its volume properly (when transmitter connects to STB, DVD, PC, etc)

4)Make sure the receiver's IR window toward transmitter, switch on the receiver, its power indicator will be on, then you will hear the sound from transmitter, adjust the volume properly, if the volume is not loud enough, please turn the volume of audio source louder until the volume meets your requirement.

Package includes:

1 x Transmitter
1 x Receiver
1 x Audio cable for transmitter
1 x Microphone Cable
1 x Wired headphone cable
1 x Power adapter
1 x Balance adjusting driver
2 x Earphone sets

Download Manual Download user's manual of Infrared TV Wireless Hearing Aid

Product Specification

SKU BL8008
Color Black
Working Current 95mA (+ - 8mA)
Voltage 12V (+ - 0.8V), 400mA
Transmit Range 7-10m
Material ABS
Package Size / Weight 12.5*10*20cm
Brand No
Warranty 12 month
Launched Date Nov 18, 2011

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