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Questions on 12V 2A 4000mah Lithium Battery Pack

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  • From Nina at 9/19/12 5:40 AM
    • My suggestion to you is to make the Discharge cable longer, at least 40 cm. It is too short for usage in the secret environment. Let's say that you are writing an exam, and you put the battery in your pocket, and the transmitter at your waist, the 20 cm isn't enough. 40cm would be ideal.
    • The 490mm recharge cable is available now. You can choose to use the longer cable while place the order. If you already have the short one, we can send few pcs longer cable to you in your next new order. Thanks.

      Kind regards,
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  • From Riverkill at 12/3/12 12:11 AM
    • I bought this set GM1255Watt 1.2GHz Wireless AV Transceiver. I got one of these batteries, and two charger. One of 12V 1A and one 15V 0-1.5A. I use the 12V 1A charger for my trasmitter, and the other charger use for my GM4000 batteries. But not too much of a 15V?

      How to charges that? When the red light is turn off, the charger complete?
      I have a 12V 5A AC charger, I can it also charge with this battery?
    • Hi Riverkill,

      The GM4000 battery is for the transmitter or receiver. Please use 15V charger to recharge GM4000 battery and the 12V 1A charger for the transmitter/receiver.
      *** Please do not use 15V charger on transmitter/receiver. It will do harm to it or damage it. Because the transmitter and receiver work on 12V power supply.

      How to charge GM4000?
      GM4000 LED indicator only turns green. Firstly, turn on GM4000. Secondly, connect to wall power source via charger cable. 2~3 hours later, the battery will be fully recharged. *** The charge will not change color even fully recharged.

      We are developing upgraded GM4000. It can automatically change color when fully charged.
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  • From mark nelson at 9/24/13 1:50 AM
    • what sort of connection cables does it come with - lookng for a battery to use with an Optoma PK320 projector (12V 2A input)
    • Our 12V 2A 4000mah battery uses same DC jacks for input and output. The DC jack has outer dia 5.5mm and inner dia 2.0mm. Please compare with the DC jack of your projector if the same is same or not.
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